at a glance

Weiss-Müller is a creative agency specializing in developing a distinctive voice for each brand we work with. Versatile and adaptable, we work on all platforms, covering traditional advertising, digital media, and guerilla campaigns.

We draw our expertise from the vast individual and collective experience of our team members, who have proven themselves across numerous verticals – a fact reflected in our diverse portfolio.

While we firmly believe that a campaign can be tracked through a spreadsheet, we don’t chase numbers. Instead, we help clients make a lasting impression with the market. An impression that grounds the brand in its values and challenges the audience to approach it.

General advertising
strategy development
Technical setup
and maintenace
(SEO, AdWords)
Full creative production
(copy, design, video)
Social media
Digital media
planning and buying
Creative and
strategic consultancy


Our path has led us across many different verticals. We’ve brought our touch (or more) to campaigns handling anything from FMCGs to extensive social missions.

You may have brushed shoulders with some of our clients, such as:

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